An Introduction To Heaven

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Revelation 4 to begin a series about heaven and the worship of the believer in the presence of Christ.

Sunday - February 27, 2022

The Tragedy of Neglect

Mark A. Acevedo

Pastor Mark provides the convocation address at the Liberty University School of Law and turns to Hebrews 2:1-3 to consider the Tragedy of Neglect.

Wednesday - February 9, 2022

Turning to 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 to consider how God has given the ministry and Word of reconciliation for believers to be ambassadors of the redemption that is found in Christ.

Sunday - February 6, 2022

Turning to Matthew 13:44-46 for the second sermon that explores our redemption and how Christ purchased back the believers and the exchanged paid for the ransom of believers.

Sunday - January 30, 2022

Looking at the doctrine of redemption and the breadth and depth purchased for us in Christ.

Sunday - January 23, 2022

Psalm 23

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Psalm 23 and looking at the blessings of the Lord, even in the midst of adversity.

Sunday - January 16, 2022

My Christmas Wish

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Isaiah 12:1-6 as we prepare for the first coming of our Savior and King Jesus Christ.

Sunday - December 19, 2021

Turning to Isaiah 40:3-5 and how the glory of God is revealed in and through Jesus Christ his Son.

Sunday - December 12, 2021

The Word Became Flesh

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to John 1:14 to focus on the incarnation of Christ.

Sunday - December 5, 2021

Give Me Jesus

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Mark 10:46-52 to focus on the believer's desire for more Christ Jesus.

Sunday - November 28, 2021

We Do Not Lose Heart

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 to consider how the believer endures in times of hardship and in the face of trials.

Sunday - November 21, 2021

Our Passion For Prayer

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Romans 11:36 to consider a Christian's lifeblood and passion to pursue the Lord in prayer.

Sunday - November 14, 2021

Turning to Exodus 3 to consider Moses' encounter with God and His unmistakable presence.

Sunday - November 7, 2021

Turning to Acts to consider characteristics of a Spirit-filled church and the implications for the Church today.

Sunday - October 31, 2021

Grace Alone

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Ephesians 2:1-10 and the truth that salvation is found solely through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday - October 17, 2021

Considering the strength of the believer in staying focused on the prize of Christ, from Isaiah 40:18-31.

Sunday - October 10, 2021

The Passion of Our Pursuit

Mark A. Acevedo

The final sermon in the series that considers the Holy Spirit as the passion of the believer's pursuit of God.

Sunday - September 26, 2021

The third in the Pursuit of God series focusing on Philippians 3:8-10 and considering Christ as the object of our pursuit.

Sunday - September 19, 2021

The Object of Our Pursuit

Mark A. Acevedo

The second in the Pursuit of God series that focuses on Philippians 3:7-8 and considers- What is Christ's worth to you-

Sunday - September 12, 2021

The Pursuit of God

Mark A. Acevedo

The first in a series of sermons focusing on the pursuit of God, from Psalm 42:1-2.

Sunday - September 5, 2021

Exploring four components of Godly prayer as seen from Daniel's intercession to the Lord found in Daniel 9.

Sunday - August 8, 2021

Returning to 1 John as we continue our series on The Beauty of Christ as we consider Christian character as seen through obedience to Christ.

Sunday - July 18, 2021

Continuing the theme of The Beauty of Christ from 1 John as seen through the confession of the believer.

Sunday - July 11, 2021

Considering the beauty of Christ as seen through the forgiveness He brings from 1 John 1:4-7.

Sunday - July 4, 2021

That I May Know Thee

Mark A. Acevedo

Considering the desires of Moses as found in Exodus 33:13-16.

Sunday - June 20, 2021

Learning from the gospel account of the rich young ruler as found in Mark 10:17-27.

Sunday - June 13, 2021

Learning from the gospel account of the rich young ruler as found in Mark 10:17-27.

Sunday - June 6, 2021

The Power of Pentecost

Mark A. Acevedo

Focusing on Acts 2:41-42 as we explore the power of Pentecost and four imprints left by the Holy Spirit on the Church.

Sunday - May 23, 2021

Whom Do You Seek?

Mark A. Acevedo

Exploring the attributes of God as seen in John 18 as we consider the life-changing question- Whom do you seek-

Sunday - May 16, 2021

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