We explore Isaiah 64:1-3 and our urgent prayer to the Lord for revival and awakening

Sunday - May 28, 2023

We continue in Part 2 of James 3:5-12 looking at The Power of the Tongue.

Sunday - May 21, 2023

We explore James 3:1-4 as James discusses the power of our speech and its relation to living and active faith.

Sunday - May 14, 2023

We conclude James chapter 2 by examining the role of Faith and Works and how James Epistle does not contradict the doctrine of Justification by Faith.

Sunday - May 7, 2023

We explore James 2:18-20 and what true saving faith looks like and what it is not.

Sunday - April 30, 2023

We examine the relationship between faith and works in James 2:14-17. We define 6 evidences of genuine living faith as defined by scripture by examining James chapter 2.

Sunday - April 23, 2023

We continue in our study of James reviewing James 2:5-13 and the sin of favoritism. We will explore two critical applications that Favoritism is based on evil motives and Favoritism is not consistent with the character of God.

Sunday - April 16, 2023

We explore the scriptures to examine believers Living Hope brought to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross

Sunday - April 9, 2023

We explore the various roles of Christ work on cross as The Great High Priest, Our Redeemer, Our Substitute and Our Atonement.

Friday - April 7, 2023

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