Psalm 23

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Psalm 23 and looking at the blessings of the Lord, even in the midst of adversity.

Sunday - January 16, 2022

My Christmas Wish

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Isaiah 12:1-6 as we prepare for the first coming of our Savior and King Jesus Christ.

Sunday - December 19, 2021

Turning to Isaiah 40:3-5 and how the glory of God is revealed in and through Jesus Christ his Son.

Sunday - December 12, 2021

The Word Became Flesh

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to John 1:14 to focus on the incarnation of Christ.

Sunday - December 5, 2021

Give Me Jesus

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Mark 10:46-52 to focus on the believer's desire for more Christ Jesus.

Sunday - November 28, 2021

We Do Not Lose Heart

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 to consider how the believer endures in times of hardship and in the face of trials.

Sunday - November 21, 2021

Our Passion For Prayer

Mark A. Acevedo

Turning to Romans 11:36 to consider a Christian's lifeblood and passion to pursue the Lord in prayer.

Sunday - November 14, 2021

Turning to Exodus 3 to consider Moses' encounter with God and His unmistakable presence.

Sunday - November 7, 2021

Turning to Acts to consider characteristics of a Spirit-filled church and the implications for the Church today.

Sunday - October 31, 2021

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